Why am I such a techno-phobe?

All I wanted to do is just get back to writing. Unleash my inner thoughts upon the world and I can’t figure out how to use the silly buttons. Categories, tags, links, widgets, whatever!!!! I constantly struggle with the fact that I can’t get how technology stuff, like setting up a blog, using a digital camera, using a “smart” phone (I have a “dumb” phone), understanding how to use facebook, what the heck a twitter is or tweeting or the next new form of communicaton….maybe just reading my mind? I am frustrated that I can’t seem to wrap my brain around how to understand and use all these options. I just want to write. All this complicated “stuff” I have to learn to make the blog look pretty or connect with the right audience is making me want to run and hide. I need this outlet to make me feel worthwhile, in a certain sense, and it’s making me feel like such a loser instead. All the other blogs I review look so professional and competent and confident. I’ll keep practicing and hope that eventually my stuff looks just as good.


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