Getting started

So many thoughts in my mind. Thoughts from the past. Feeling older now and wanting to move forward in life, but the past holds me still in life path steps. How do I embrace the past, let go and move forward? Is it OK to do this? I think so. I think there is a way to hold dear those dear memories and let go of the hurtful ones. I’ve learned to accept others in my life for what they are. I need to learn to do the same for myself. I’m not perfect and need to stop expecting perfection from myself. I used to laugh and smile. I need to do more laughing and smiling now, before it’s really too late.

I’m almost 52 now. My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 55. That thought preys on my mind and worries me that I’ll meet the same or a similar fate. My life end will come eventually and I want to say a few things before that time. She passed away at age 60. Time for me to get to work.